Show billboards constitute an elegant and practical solution in order to provide the information needed for a wider audience.

The 3 species of the surface:
• laminated sheet for mounting messages with magnets,
• cork for fixation of messages with pins and
• striated profile clip for editing of texts with alphanumeric tiles.

Available in various sizes, while there is also the possibility for the cover to open. The system is ideal for universities, hospitals, public constitutions and private companies.

Flat showcases

Medium-big size

Indoor and outdoor

Lighting system
With neon lamps incorporated into the showcase (only for outdoor showcases)

Outdoor (with protection), indoor (with or without protection), click system; wall system or on ground support

Powder coated structure with protection made of different materials and background made of powder coated or black anodized ribbed aluminium (for Clip modules), plasicized steel, cork. Anodized or powder coated aluminium supports complete with zinced or powder coated bases

Interchangeable. Papers or cards can be displayed by using pins or mangets; also suitable for Clip system; sometimes graphics can be permanent with a pre-spaced adhesive vinyl or adhesive digital print on background or on the crossbar.