What we offer
Proper wayfinding system whether indoor or outdoor, produces a full flow of information, a guide that accompanies and helps the visitor to easily move from the entrance to the desired point. An information way which is functional and integrated into the overall design of the building. For all this process Orso Sign applies a certified system in accordance with ISO 9001. The end result is the product of a process with the following phases

  • Preliminary evaluation phase
    What is the purpose of the project?
    Preparation and presentation of the proposal.
  • Design Phase
    Study plan of the building.
    Determination of the final profile of the customer.
    Analysis of the movement plans.
    Preparation of plans.
    Preliminary Design study
  • Choice of signage system
    Product presentation and design capabilities.
    Advice on the most appropriate system.
    Preparation of an indicative budget
  • Final proposal
    Design and graphics completed in every detail. (logos, fonts, pictograms).
    Final financial offer
  • Manufacture & installation
    Manufacture and assembly of plates.
    Graphics paste.
  • After sales Service
    Possible changes