Pacific system designed for internal (Pacific Interior) or external (Pacific Exterior) spaces, is distinguished for its slightly curved shape of the panels. In combination with simple lines and clean look, Pacific is suitable for all areas providing clear information.

In this system, text and graphics can be applied with adhesive vinyl, with silkscreen, or even digital printing, without excluding the combination with each other. In cases of frequent rotation of the texts, Pacific paperflex system can be used. The system allows texts to be printed on paper and placed in a special case with transparent cover thus giving you the possibility to make changes. The plates are assembled and fully interchangeable, making the system very flexible.

The small number of components make Pacific easy to install and change.
For outdoors, Pacific Exterior combines elegant design with strong resistance to all weather conditions. The large surface area for graphics and the odd poles create a combination of beauty and functionality

Convex modular elements

Small-medium-big size

Indoor and outdoor

Hanging plate
Wall plate

Anodized or powder coated aluminium plates and gides with plastic frames and end corners.
Uprights and supports made of anodized or powder coated aluminium, galvanized steel.

Mainly permanent pre-spaced vinyl
Digital adhesive print with antigrafity antiglare protection.
Paper Flex System